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Jim Gaffigan Reviews

Comedy & Stand-up

Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (2.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 73



5.0 star rating V williams from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


when someonecan not only sell out a thursday night show, but is also able to keep everyone laughing without anyone drinking....thats a comedian.

5.0 star rating Chris B. from Los Angeles, California


Wow...a hour and a half went fast, but my wife and I laughed in tears through the whole set!!! Are seats were Great i could almost touch his beard and Jim's new material hit on some everyday family situations that were classic!!He never disappoints, Great of the BEST!!

5.0 star rating Ian from Dallas, Texas


Don't usually go and watch stand-up but friends wanted to see Jim Gaffigan, and I'm more than glad we went! One of the funniest nights I've had in a long time, highly recommend others to go.

5.0 star rating Jeff from Toledo, Ohio


If you are going to the show because you like his comedy you will not be disappointed. His warm up guy was very funny also. Jokes kept coming, his ability to segue way from one topic to another is amazing.

5.0 star rating Andrea from St. Louis, Missouri


Wow we laughed ourselves silly at the performance in St. Louis on February 19th! Jim was absolutely side-splitting. The opener was funny, too. We loved the new material, especially about his teenager, as we have teenage kids. Highly recommend this show!

5.0 star rating Paul McCain from St. Louis, Missouri


I really enjoyed the Gaffigan concert. Wonderfully diverse selection of bits, from marching band music, parades, to explanations of Spanish Ham and Siestas.

5.0 star rating Elaine Novak from Cleveland, Ohio


Next time Jim Gaffigan is in Cleveland, pack up the family-your mother in law included- to see a mostly family friendly comedy event. Jim Gaffigan's comedy does not depend on swear words, scatological humor or graphic sexual situations to get laughs. His humor centers on the shared experiences of family, marriage and observations we all share but would be hesitant to say out loud. He is an every man trying to make sense of the foibles of everyday life. His self deprecating style makes him easy to relate to. The show was held at the Wolstein Ctr. just a tad smaller than the Rocket Field House. We sat in the handicapped seats which had a great view of the stage. The opening act was a comic, named Ted Alexandro, He was very funny and , again, his material was clean. A great matched set!

5.0 star rating Connie from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I've always been a big Jim Gaffigan fan but after seeing him live at the Met in Philly, I am exponentially more so now. I laughed so hard that I was crying. He puts on an amazing show and makes it looks flawless and seamless as he moves from one comedic topic to another. So much fun. I would go again in a heartbeat. Thanks Jim!

5.0 star rating Doug Shields from Pittsburgh, PA


Gaffigan's unique perspectives on our all to ordinary yet mystifying lives had the house laughing from the moment he began to its conclusion. All new material, brewed and bottled in the pandemic, and served up to us just in time to keep us all sane! It was a thrill (and a laugh riot) to watch a comedic master like Jim Gaffigan work his craft. Kudos too! to his writing partner and wife, Jeanne Louise Gaffigan. I can only imagine what it's like at the dinner table with their 5 kids.

5.0 star rating CR from Phoenix, Arizona


I was a fan before but I saw Jim Gaffigan live for the first time the other night in Phoenix (9:30 pm showing on Oct 9th, 2021), and now I am an absolute lifetime fan!!! I was dying laughing throughout about 98% of the show, and this was the hardest I have ever laughed at any comedian’s live show ever!!! And the rest of the audience laughed right along with me too! Jim Gaffigan did not disappoint! My only complaint is that I wish the show was longer and that there were more show dates, as I would love to see this show all over again another night! Jim G is truly one-of-a-kind!

5.0 star rating Don C. from Baltimore, Maryland


We laughed alot and often. The new material was great. How someone can talk about Bells and make you laugh so hard is amazing!

5.0 star rating Mark M from Fort Wayne, Indiana


Funny from start to finish. This guy is so talented. Wow! The jokes about Indiana were great because he is from here and that is kind of cool. I am glad we saw him. Very special.

5.0 star rating Marcy from Buffalo, New York


Extraordinarily good with new material with him somehow improving on his already stellar skills; great pacing iand spot on timing from this world class talent!. We laughed so much and so genuinely during the entire show and all of Shea’s Buffalo consistently roared along. Jim worked mostly clean and there there’s something for everyone. Richly packed content and laugh-pached show gave us far more than our money’s worth. Fantastic…just go if you can get tickets!

5.0 star rating Jon from Portland, Oregon


Jim was on fire tonight in Portland. All new material from what I’ve seen on all of his specials. I went with my two daughters who are in their 20’s and never really watched Jim before, but they loved him! He is very relatable and keeps the show moving. I loved him before, and that’s now increased after seeing him Perform live! A great night out!!

5.0 star rating MADELINE from Pensacola, Florida


The Jim Gaffigan show in Pensacola on March 17, 2024 was wonderful. I went with my grown son and we both laughed all the way through the show, as did everyone around us. I like that he is a clean comic. His teenage son, Jack, was one of his opening acts and he is also very funny. It must run in their genes.

5.0 star rating Melody from BC Canada


From start to finish my husband and I were laughing! Jim delivers a down to earth type comedy that most can relate to! Loved this show and would go back in a heart beat! Cheeks and stomach hurt from laughing so much!

5.0 star rating Sandy from Seattle, Washington


We saw Jim Gaffigan at the Paramount theater tonight, 4/13/24 at the 8 pm show and found him to be as funny as ever. He's lost some weight, as he will share but he's the same Jim we all love. Paramount needs to update their crowded small seats, but it didn't distract from the show!

5.0 star rating Mara Rust from Seattle, Washington


Jim is hilarious. His ability to talk about relevant topics in my life was astounding. He kept the show going, performed for an hour and a half and my husband and I kept looking at each other because he was talking about our lives. Spot on Jim! We are late 40s with kids. The parking pass was the way to go and I can’t wait to go back to the paramount.

4.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


Saw his 7:00pm show @ Chicago Theater 10/14/17. 90% funny, fresh! Last 10%, was verbatim rehash of "Beyond The Pale" material with just a smidge of supporting material thrown in. Good show; not great show.

4.0 star rating Eric Leclerc from Montreal, Quebec


Very impressed with his first half where he didn’t limit himself to make a few “poutine” jokes to make himself relatable to his local audience, but a complete array of well researched jokes around the canadian culture from coast to coast. Hilarious! He did seem “out of it” at the very end when he finished with a sightly different “hot poket” routine before rushing off stage.

4.0 star rating Eric from Columbus, OH


This was the most original, best hour I have seen Jim Gaffigan put together in a long time. He had a packed hour and ten minute set. He didn’t waste time with the high pitched voice of the audience. Just jokes and tags. His opening act Ted Alexander only did 20 minutes, but it was a very good set.

4.0 star rating Amy W. from Washington, District of Columbia


Jim Gaffigan was great although some of his topics are not family friendly such as details about viagra etc. Disappointed that his opening act used the 'F' word. People bring their KIDS to see Gaffigan and expect the opener to also be clean. His joke could have been just as good using a word such as 'freaking'. Need to change this please. Also if Jim would stick to his numerous clean topics we parents (and longtime fans!) will appreciate it. His fan base will only grow with all clean topics!

3.0 star rating Laura Marusinec from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I’m a big Jim Gaffigan fan. Unfortunately, the show was very brief and somewhat stale, especially for the $100 price tag with all the fees and his wife’s book. Which he hardly mentioned. Since he has ties with Milwaukee, it would’ve been nice to have a little more personal touch. Nothing exceptional. The whole show was an hour and a half with the opener.

3.0 star rating Mary Pat dillon from Chicago, Illinois


Jim has always prided himself on clean comedy. He did say something about the P word which was not necessary. Also if he’s clean, the his warm up should be also he was pretty vulgar about Viagra and it’s a fax. I saw many families with their young teenagers in tow and don’t think this warm up comic was appropriate.Also Jim looked very tired worn out and like to get up too late the night before. I do love him and he is funny but was not thrilled with this concert

3.0 star rating Tom from London, Ontario


My husband and I have watched all of Jim Gaffigan's specials and found them hilarious. We saw the second show of back to back performances and were fairly disappointed. Jim seemed tired and unenthusiastic. At times he almost seemed to slur slightly. Perhaps we caught him on an off night, but I honestly expected a more polished presentation.

3.0 star rating Paul from Lexington, Kentucky


Would not pay to see again. Hour show and left abruptly. Still a fan!!!

3.0 star rating from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Most people were laughing my parents and I not so much Jim seemed very tired and not energic at all and No oncore very disappointed show

3.0 star rating Pete from Manitowoc, WI


Have seen Jim in the past and laughed constantly. The Green Bay show at the 10,000+ seat Resch arena was good but something didn’t seem right. Have always seen comedians in theaters. In an arena the solo performer is too far away from 80% of the seats. You wind up watching the whole show on the big screen tv. Arenas are fine for musical concerts; no good for comedians. You also miss some of the lines regardless of how good the sound system is. See Jim in a theater venue and you will enjoy him more!

3.0 star rating Doug from Columbus, Ohio


Great comedian but very over priced show. Disjointed ending .... thought he was kidding or something when he walked off stage. Will just watch his specials or CBS morning spots... A better value. But again he’s a fabulous talent!

3.0 star rating Bummed in Cincy from Cincinnati, Ohio


We were disappointed as show was less than hour, seemed very disjointed and ended very abruptly. Not a good value considering the high price of tickets. We really expected more - think I’ll just watch on Netflix. We bought 4 tix fir our friends birthday and never thought we’d be out in one hour including opening act.

3.0 star rating Kathy from Portland, Oregon


Felt like a short set and Jim sounded tired and a little flat. Still love him, tho.

3.0 star rating Mr. Massee from Seattle, Washington


Like many a big Jim Gaffigan fan. Paramount logistics were painful but once inside people were helpful. The opening comedian was a funny the bit teaching kids on the flutophones. Gaffigan was me funniest bits about family...talking about a bell as a stand in for technology was entertaining, until it wasn't. A good 'B' effort against much of Jim's 'A' work. Come On Jim! You are a millonaire. Don't just mail it in!

3.0 star rating Rosie from Seattle, Washington


The material was nothing new, he made jokes about his new stuff not being funny, which wasn't, in the hope that commenting on this would be funny. It wasn't. He also seemed bored, no energy. And if that's part of his act, well it's a way overpriced show. The opener was pretty entertaining. Second time seeing Gaffigan, won't be paying again.

3.0 star rating from Seattle, Washington


I've followed Jim for years, loved all the specials and so excited to see him live. Wow, what a let down. Terrible jokes, lazier than ever presentation, lots of people leaving midway through. I waited 18 months for this?! And just under 60 minutes. WTH. I saw Robin Williams play at the ShowBox years ago and he ran almost 2 hours. Now THAT was a show.

3.0 star rating Dean Barr from Visiting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Jim is always entertaining from the minute he walks on stage, and this show was no disappointment in hilarity. HOWEVER.... His show lasted an hour!! 🙄 He had a very funny opening comedian who was on for a half hour, from 7-730. Jim came on immediately after, and was done at 830. SERIOUSLY?? Our ticket prices were far from reasonable. We came in from Michigan specifically to see his show. I feel as if I should've at least been kissed...

3.0 star rating Laura from Fresno, California


It was overall a fun night. Jim’s son opened, as well as Ted Alexandro who was really funny. Jim was funny too but not the same energy I was used to from his specials. He had a short set and about 30% of it was jokes about diarrhea. He seemed to end it abruptly and my friend said, Maybe he had diarrhea!

3.0 star rating Tom K from Las Vegas, Nevada


First time seeing him live. Although extremely funny, I was disapointed by length of show and abrupt ending.

3.0 star rating Cindy from Tucson, Az


I read the other reviews about The Fun Tour and I concur. I had never seen him live and I was rather disappointed in his lack luster performance, what there was of it. He was on stage less than an hour and then abruptly ended the show.

3.0 star rating Evelyn from Norfolk, Virginia


Like Jim's humor and delivery, Norfolk VA act not his best sketches. The Mexico sketches need perfecting. Ideas were there, just rough at times and cumbersome. The delivery improved towards the last half of act.

3.0 star rating Tonya Dapson from YAAMAVA THEATER SAN BERNARDINO CA


I absolutely love Jim Gaffigan. As a matter of fact he's my favorite comedian. But this concert was a big disappointment. Not only was it way too short but Jim seemed like his mind was somewhere else. He had no energy and maybe really did have covid? I paid $143 per ticket plus all the fees a huge price for tickets because I'm a huge fan. One last thing .. Jim did himself a disservice by talking about diarrhea so much. I've always bragged about him because he is so clean oo hysterical. One or two jokes about diarrhea is fine but this was over the top. I'll continue to be a fan of Jim's because he's really got something great to share with the world. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my opinion.

3.0 star rating Kandice from Grand Rapids, Michigan


We have watched all of Jim's comedy shows and they have always been belly laughing funny, unfortunately this one was not so much. I think the content was mostly the issue. Sorry Jim! It was also a very short performance. The warm up comedian was very funny.

3.0 star rating from Grand Rapids, Michigan


We have watched many Jim Gaffigan shows on Netflix and laughed, but the show we saw recently in our hometown barely brought any laughs. Jim seem tired and not too excited to be there. and the whole show lasted an hour and a half with the warm-up. Tickets were expensive for the entertainment value. Won’t go see him again.

2.0 star rating Dave Barkovich from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I really enjoy Jim and all of his work. I’ve watched probably over 20 hours of his comedy and it was exciting to see him try out all new material for us. What concerned me was the sloppiness that he displayed on stage. I’ve been known to put back a couple beers but he really seemed like he was drunk and that it affected his performance. To be honest he seems like such a nice guy and my disappointment in the performance is overshadowed by my concern for him personally. I hope he’s doing OK. In summary, my wife and daughter and I were rather disappointed in the overall performance because rod this

2.0 star rating Tim from Houston, Texas


Jim seemed disinterested his portion of the show was less than an hour. The venue may have been to large for a Sunday night show. The warm up person was funny, but seemed to hand us if to Jim as to say good luck. It stinks we did not get what was paid for, everyone has an off night, in reading the other reviews from this tour seems like more of the same.

2.0 star rating Shelli from Omaha, NE


My husband and I LOVE Jim Gaffigan’s comedy. This show was a disappointment indeed. He was on stage about 45 minutes top. He looked tired and not very happy to be there. Very abrupt ending and just walked off stage. We thought it was a joke until the lights came on and everyone started leaving. Don’t waste your money and time.

2.0 star rating from Omaha, Nebraska


Big disappointment; not worth the $$ for tickets. The Pandemic is not appropriate to joke about when the nation is still in the throes of coping with how to survive it. No research was done to identify a pulse for the host city. Missed opportunities for identifying with the audience. It was a shockingly bad show and I don’t recommend spending money on tickets.

2.0 star rating Tracy D from Boise, Idaho


The opening act was one short skit - somewhat funny. For the price of the tickets, there should have been two or three opening acts if Jim was only going to be up for one hour. The entire show lasted just short of 90 minutes. Way too short for tickets of almost $100 each. Our dinner beforehand lasted longer. I expected Jim to come out for an encore. Very disappointed and would not pay to see him again.

2.0 star rating Terence D from Boise, Idaho


Paid $135.00 for each ticket. The entire show felt like the warm up. Come on, Jim and Jim's promoters - if you expect to have another tour, you need to create more value for your customers. Jim seemed a bit disinterested. Is he not getting enough of the cut? Overall, I would not pay to see Jim again unless it was in the neighborhood of $40.00. Wasn't even worth the hour wait to park (Extra Mile Arena - get with it) and the $7.00 parking fee, let alone the $135 ticket fee. Such a bummer.

2.0 star rating Frank M. from Fort Lauderdale, Fl


Just saw Jim last night, at Hard Rock live in south Florida. We love him from watching his Netflix stuff but it seemed Jim was going through the motions. Good thing we did not watch much of the new "Comedy monster" on Netflix prior to going because it was pretty much the same thing. Ironically I just read a post on his website before the show where he asks "ever been on vacation and had to do something work related? Your heart's just not into it". Well that's exactly what last night felt like, as if he'd been lounging by the hotel pool all day and had to fulfill an obligation. He was still funny in spots but not what we expected, a few chuckles here and there, some great material like the cyclists and their silly outfits but no real hysterical moments. And then to rush off stage at exactly 60 minutes with no build up to the end just didn't make sense, just "thanks that's all for me." No encore.. cold way to end. Not worth the $100. Still love ya Jim but you can do a lot better.

2.0 star rating Fred W from Chicago, Illinois


Jim Gaffigan is really funny. However, when you sell out a 4,000 seat venue with ticket prices starting at a price north of $100, you really ought to give the audience more than 50 minutes of material. The last time we saw a comedian at the Chicago Theatre, it was Mike Birbiglia and he did more than 90 minutes plus he had a great opening act! Gaffigan’s set was a lot like a crappy Zoom call except that he showed up in person, but left way too early. Will not be paying to see Jim Gaffigan live ever again.

2.0 star rating from Arkansas


The show started 15 mins late, the show started at 7:15. Todd Glass did a 15-20 min set and then Jim Gaffigan came on. At 8:30 we were walking out of the Arena. Jim did a 45 min set. For the $100 that was spent to see him, it was not worth it. The show was funny but way to short for the money. I will never go see him again after seeing this.

2.0 star rating MB from Fort Myers Florida


Think I laughed 3 times. So disappointing. Spent way too much time on funeral jokes not funny and diarrhea jokes which got old quick. A lot of money that I wouldn’t spend to see him again. A big letdown.

2.0 star rating Eric from Ottawa, ON


Just saw the show last night in Ottawa, like everyone else …so disapointing, do not go, too much money, too short, and no energy. Lasted not even 60min and cut off and left.

2.0 star rating Joy Switalski from Concord, NC


I couldn't even finish the show. The 1st 20 mins was so disappointing. Not funny. And I hate reviewing like this because I have loved ever other thing JG has done. It wasn't the "dark" that didn't click, it just wasn't good material. Very disappointed.

2.0 star rating Diane B from Las Vegas, Nevada


GAFFIGAN IN CINCY We were disappointed as hi show was less than hour, seemed very disjointed and he was in wrinkled clothes like he just arrived to Las Vegas. Not a good value considering the high price of tickets. We really expected more. We feel as though we should have just spent the money gambling and would have had a better time. We recommend everyone go see comedian John Crist, up and coming comedian, who still makes us laugh!

2.0 star rating Pam from Las Vegas, Nevada


I laughed nonstop at the specials I watched online & couldn’t wait to see him in person. SO disappointed. Very short show and not so funny. We paid big bucks and left feeling shafted. What happened to this guy?

2.0 star rating B. K. Ford from Cleveland, Ohio


There were some funny maybe chuckle moments but not that many. Sadly, It was not a laugh out loud night.

2.0 star rating Julie Woodle from Denver, Colorado


Spent $150 for my ticket for a 40 minute show. Jim was funny but I did not laugh cry or pee my pants. Spent more time getting there and getting out of there than the show. Wish I loved it more.

2.0 star rating LuAnne Yoder from Denver, Colorado


"Meh" is what we all said as we left the venue. $150 per person (ticket and outrageous fees) for mediocre seats and a "meh" comedy show is WAY too much!! The opener was so much more entertaining and funnier than Gaffigan. The majority of his "jokes" revolved around life with children. It got old! We had a group of 4 55-ish adults and we all had the same opinion of 'not worth the money'. I rarely heard the group behind us laugh (40-ish year old adults). I've watched his shows and his topics were all over the board and hilarious. Not tonight! Makes me sad....

1.0 star rating Lisa W. from Detroit, Michigan


The show was only one hour long and very disappointing. We have watched all of Jim's specials on television and think he is hilarious! Friday night in Detroit at The Fox, his performance was terrible! We were so disappointed! He talked about murder and death way too much and everything else he talked about was only marginally funny. There were only a couple of times we actually laughed out loud.

1.0 star rating Karen from St. Louis, Missouri


Dissapointed of both his act and opening act. These two men were not funny. Was a big Jim Gaffigan fan, but would not buy tickets again. Seats were good, but show was a big let down. It sounded as if the whole upper left side of theater was not laughing.

1.0 star rating from Grand Rapids, Michigan


Started late. Warm up comedian was funnier than Jim. Jim came out with no energy used insert here type humor to “relate” to the audience. Slurred words and appeared intoxicated. Barely any new material. Ended abruptly with a show that was well under an hour.

1.0 star rating Kami Nelson from Salt Lake City Utah


I am a huge Jim fan ! I have seen everything he has ever done. So we paid $300 for the tickets and drove the 2 hours to get there. So so bummed about his act! I didn't even laugh a little. He seemed half asleep and was talking way too much about the Current pandemic! Which is still not funny at all. I have never wanted my money back so badly. Very disappointed!

1.0 star rating Heather from Salt Lake City, Utah


My husband and I were very unimpressed. The show started late. The opener was funnier than Jim. The show was short. The jokes were tasteless and not funny. Not family friendly either. We left very disappointed.

1.0 star rating Brian from Seattle, Washington


Not his best work! Went to his show at the Paramount Theater in Seattle Dec 17th 2021. He looked and sounded tired with fake laughs from telling the same line over and over for this shows. The things he talked about was shocking, there were people with kids there. He needs to rest, save your money!

1.0 star rating Travis from Bend, OR


I'm located in Bend, OR and me and my entire family went to see him and we where all hyped to see him. My mom, and dad quote Jim all the time. However, the show started late, (show was supposed to start 7:30PM but started around 7:40-7:45PM. I thought the second opener was super funny, had a nice spark to him and he was pretty energetic, and I thought he was more entertaining than Jim, which I hate to say. Finally when Jim comes on, he didn't seem all there, disinterested, or maybe just tired but overall he didn't seem like he was enjoying himself at all. Felt like he slurred a few of his words around too, so sometimes hard to understand the full joke. I was shocked that it was only about 45mins run time in total for the amount we paid for all 5 of us to see him, and again what other people say is that he just left suddenly, and everyone thought it was a joke - but no, it wasn't, that was the end of the show... So after that, I prob won't be seeing him again live. 1 star for me.

1.0 star rating Mb from Fort Myers, Florida


I laughed more at the opening act. Laughed maybe 3 times total for Gaffigan and then it was over quickly. A rip off for what we paid. First half of show was all funeral jokes and not funny. Between that and the stale and endless diarrhea jokes, I would not pay to see him again. Huge disappointment as others have said.

1.0 star rating Patricia Doerr from Detroit, Michigan


We had row J so close to the stage. The show started late which was very annoying because we rushed to get there. The opening act came on around 7:20 pm (also funny) and while he was performing, so many people in front of us were loudly being seated (SHAME ON THE FOX AND ON THE PEOPLE ARRIVING LATE). We couldn't see or hear the comedian. When Jim when on, many of these same people kept getting up, leaving and coming back. Very, very disturbing! Jim was only on for maybe 45 min, but was really great! My rating is for the Fox Theater!

1.0 star rating Mark from Grand Rapids, Michigan


Good opening act. After opening with dated covid jokes that we all told to our friends 3 years ago he spent 10 minutes mocking God, 15 minutes saying Diarrhea over and over, Had a bit about bells for some reason and went back to diarrhea and it was over. Pretty sure i came up with a better 40 minute set while I was suffering through it and I wouldn't have charged $75 a ticket. Wanted to laugh and couldn't force myself to.

1.0 star rating Harrie from Amsterdam, Netherlands


Though I don’t see myself as someone who’s a fan of celebrities, Jim Gaffigan used to be the exception to that. Repeated his specials countless times and was so excited to finally see him live. Was so dissapointed by the topics, jokes and length of the show. Topics which he covered in previous specials or which completely didn’t fit the type of humour I’m used from him. Jokes which had awkward pauses because there hardly was a laugh and he dissapeared after 45 minutes. They say you should never ‘meet your heroes’, this experience was enough for me to never enjoy his content the same way again.

1.0 star rating JK from Fort Wayne, Indiana


5 tickets and parking $676 !?!?! Ridiculous!!!!! Not too too bad considering the show was about an hour and fifteen minutes long including the opening act. I guess that’s what it costs for a few laughs these days. Save your money and watch him on YouTube.

1.0 star rating Sonya from Buffalo, New York


The opening comedian blew our mind with a poor racial “joke” about bringing down property values. It was horrible. So wrong. The crowd around us had the same stunned reaction as we did. Wow- not cool. Then Jim came out for only a little over an hour. He was pretty lifeless and somehow just empty. He actually looked unhappy. At the end he said a fast “thanks for coming ” and was just gone- done. What a major disappointment. I’m left with a really bad pit in my stomach about the entire experience. Yuck.

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